Woman Who Came Out Of An Accident Unhurt Starts Speaking In Tongues

Woman who came out of an accident unhurt was overwhelmed and started speaking in tongues.

It’s not every day you watch people walking out of a gruesome accident unhurt and for one unidentified woman.

This was the exact case after the woman survived a ghastly accident, in the US, that saw her car roll a couple of times then finally come to a halt.

Overwhelmed with gratitude.

Overwhelmed with gratitude, she began to speak in tongues as she worshiped God for sparing her life in a video that went viral on social media.


After she was helped out of the car by police officers (who were the first respondents to the scene) and other bystanders, she began to speak in tongue and praise God for escaping death.

Thanking her creator.

In the video, the woman could be seen raising her hands as she looked in the sky, thanking her creator for sparing her life.

With the damage done to the vehicle, it’s pretty clear to see why the woman believed she was lucky to be alive.

(H/T Tuko)


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