Wolper Was Hitting On Diamond While Dating Me- Singer Harmonize

Bongo hitmaker Harmonize recently spilled the beans on his past relationship with Tanzanian fashionista Jacqueline Wolper saying she was hitting on now rival singer Diamond Platnumz while she was dating the former.

According to Harmonize, his relationship with Wolper ended in 2017 and in premium tears because his ex grabs every opportunity she gets to rub mad to his name.

Other than Ms Wolper making a pass at Diamond who was with Zari at the time, she also allegedly cheated on the Niambie star with different men.

“We had a party at Diamond Platnumz’s place and without shame, she (Wolper) told Diamond she would bear a son for him. At the time, Diamond only had a daughter, Latiffah,” he revealed.

“She told him she was with me just to get close to him,” Harmonize added.

The star proceeded to narrate how he suffers in silence while his cheating ex continues tarnishing his name saying he was the the cheater in their relationship and that he is only after current wealthy Italian girlfriend Sarah Michelotti’s money.

“I have suffered silently but my ex in every interview says I date Michelotti for money, that she is my sponsor. When I toured the United States, she (Wolper) too travelled to Burundi on business,” he stated.

“In Burundi, there was a man that chauffeured her around in a Range Rover, and when I saw photos of them together get out of hand, I asked her. She said he was her host, a brother, and nothing more.”

“A month earlier, she had gone to China and I gave her Tsh30 million for her stock. During the China trip, she was with a man she told me she could not date. They are now lovers as we speak, meaning they started dating a long time ago.

The star proceeded to narrate how the man in China called Wolper on the phone and noticed she had his contact information saved up as “My Love.”

A heartbroken Harmonize was forced to go through Wolper’s phone, something that allegedly crushed his spirit as there were romantic exchanges between her and several other men.

Regarding his relationship with his now pregnant bae, the singer maintained that he loves Sarah but not for her money.

“When you call the woman that I love a sponsor, how do you expect me to react? I mean someone you are expecting a baby with because Sarah is pregnant. As a human being, it hurts,” He said.


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