Why Wish Trump Well When Your Country Is A Sh*thole – Wizkid Blasts Buhari

Just a few days ago, news of Donald Trump’s contraction of the novel COVID-19 spread fast like wild fire.

The situation is considered to be the most dangerous health  threat to a sitting American president considering the fact that Trump is obese.

Following the development, a number of world leaders took to social media to wish the US President a speedy recovery.

One of such leaders was Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari. However in response to this, Nigerian singer Wizkid has served President Muhammadu Buhari with a hot jab after he wished Donald Trump a speedy recovery.

Star Boy told the ‘old man’ to focus on his country because Trump isn’t his problem.

The president in his post wrote:

“I wish US President, Donald Trump and his wife, Melania, quick and full recovery from Covid-19.”

In response, Wizkid also said

“Donald trump is not your business! Old man! Police/Sarz still killing Nigerian youth on a daily! Do something Nothing concern u for America! Face your country !!”

wizkid diss trump

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