Willy Paul Decries Lack Of Support, Discrimination By Boomplay

Controversial singer Willy Paul has blasted Boomplay Music Kenya for allegedly not supporting his work and yet still being a victim of discrimination on the platform.

According to him, he has been in business with the platform for ages although he lacks their absolute support.

Other than that, Willy reports being a victim of discrimination as the music streaming site  allegedly frustrates his efforts but favors some artists.

“The company has been turned into a family business, where kuna watu wanasaidiwa and kuna watu wale ni taka taka,” he wrote in part.

In a lengthy thread, the Sitolia hitamaker stated that he has been seeking sponsorship from the company but all was in vain for him.

“…Watu wengine wakienda wanapewa Sponsorship’ but kama ni Willy Paul hakuna pesa!! So far we’ve complied with everything walitaka. My manager @jeffaflexx_ has sent them close to 15 proposals amounting to 15k each,” he said.


He is also accusing the site of delaying his Songs Of Solomon album release and then later turned him down.

While he was the most streamed artist on the platform last year, he asked for sponsorship and was asked to send his proposal. He did just that.


But unfortunately, he reports it being declined because it did “not touch on the things they want.”

“Last year I was the most streamed artist on @boomplaymusicke went and asked them for sponsorship.. they asked for us to send them proposals, which we’ve been sending, but they always look for ways to delay us only to tell us that the proposals don’t touch on the things they want.” Willy Paul narrated.


He has since warned Boomplay, asking them to look into the matter before way too many people are hurt.

“If this shit continues then watu wengi wataumia,” he noted.

Willy made it known that he is withdrawing from Boomplay and that he will be successful without the platform because his fans are loyal.


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