William Ruto Leads His Family In Prayers At Private Chapel In Karen

William Ruto leads his family in prayers at private chapel in Karen.

Deputy President William Ruto on Sunday, April 26, congregated with his family at a chapel where he led a session of spiritual nourishment.

The divine service was attended by seven family members among them Ruto’s better half Rachel Ruto

DP Ruto said his family prayed for those directly affected by COVID-19. 

In a statement, the DP said the session was dedicated at praying for Kenyans who had lost loved ones to the coronavirus scourge, the infected and other members of the community who were badly impacted by the pandemic.

Ruto tweeted:

As we continue the fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, we pray for those who have lost their loved ones and commit to God those that are infected.

The second in command revealed that the prayer service was held at a chapel in his official Karen residence.

Seven pictures captured during the session showed serious social distancing among the seven congregants as the DP, Rachel and siblings took turns during worship.

DP William Ruto’s wife Rachel Ruto (pictured). Photo: William Ruto. Source: Facebook Others who the DP’s family prayed for were doctors, nurses and police officers who were tirelessly fighting the pandemic from the frontline.

Ruto expressed optimism that the epidemic was going to be crashed and pave way for the country to resume normalcy. 

We pray for our medical workers who are in the frontline in tackling the outbreak. We have faith that we will win this battle soon and our country will return to normalcy,” Ruto said.

During normal occasions, it is the DP’s tradition to worship in various churches across the country every weekend accompanied by his allies.

This trend was, however, disrupted after the first case of the disease was reported in the country on Friday, March 13.

After the disease seeped into the country, the government issued strict containment measures among them the closure of entertainment joints, churches, mosques, imposed a dusk to dawn curfew and later issued a cessation of movement order.

Those flouting the regulations are arrested and put under quarantine for 14 days.

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