Widower Writes Emotional Letter To Wife Who Died And Left Three Kids Behind

Widower wrote an emotional letter to wife who died and left three kids behind.

A Kenyan man is yet to come to terms with the death of his wife six months after losing her in a maternity ward due to complicated childbirth.

Richard Kuria is a heartbroken widower whose life lost partial meaning after the loss of his wife, Pauline, on November 18, after succumbing to intricate birth while delivering her third born daughter.

Richard went on Facebook penning down a lengthy letter to his wife in heaven, updating her on the progress of the kids, on May 18, exactly six months after losing her.

In the letter, the widower noted the past six months were some that he would love to erase in his life, as they were filled with sorrow, sadness, and struggle in accepting reality.

He wrote:

The events of 18th Nov 2019 will forever be engraved in my life. The day I lost the most precious person I ever met on my tour of this world. So precious that I swore to live by your side all your life. I still do even after you are gone, gone to a place I will come looking for you when God’s time is right. I pray the time our babies will be big babies to understand that we are all born and we will all die one day. At least by then they will have understood why you left earlier than us.

He made a promise:

Promising not to let his wife down, the father of three detailed several updates in the letter regarding the progress of the kids including, Samara, whose first day on earth, was the last day of Pauline on it.


Kuria said:

Our baby Samara is six months today (see what you did to me, Samara’s birthday will always be your anniversary, will I be sad or happy?. She has your beautiful hair, your dark complexion, smile, beautiful fingers, she so bubbly and her smile lights our lives, she is just you. (Did you just come back as baby Samara, and just choose to be with me again? I will ask God this when my time comes.

Kuria said the little one was loved by everyone and he never bought baby diapers, ever since her birth, as friends and family gave him more than he could ask for.

He mentioned the situation in the country with COVID-19, which had made social life difficult saying the wifey lived in the good days- never to see a world that had turned into a movie.

The widower also wrote about the other kids, Shanice and Trevor, who he mentioned to be functioning okay apart from questions about their mother and always going through her photos on his phone.

He said:

(Shanice) loves daddy and always steals my phone, scrolls to get a picture of you, and sneaks back to show me. We smile about it but deep down I cry and only wish she is not crying too. I told her you went to heaven and we will meet you there. Please pray and watch over us my love. Please ask God to grant us the desires of our hearts, you know them better than even me.

Kuria felt his wife had the best friends in the world who always kept in touch even after her death, with some taking care of the business she left behind.

The father of three said he was heartbroken but trying his best to keep moving on knowing that with her in his heart, he would make it.

He stated:

I can write a million words and still have more to say. I miss you swiry. I’m trying my level best. Sometimes I fall but with you at heart, I rise up and soldier on. I will not relent until I overcome.

The widower’s story touched many who congratulated him for his strength, asking him to keep on fighting for his young family of which the oldest kid was only five years old.



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