While The World Is Congratulating Me, Cheap Bloggers Are Hating-Jane Mugo

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Kenyan Spy Queen Jane Mugo has hit out at her critics following the viral BBC video that saw her let in viewers into her detective work from her dogs led by one known as Hitler, her chef who is tasked with tasting all of her meals before consumption as well as her squad led by one Charlie One.

The video captured the Spy queen stunting on what she termed her best taekwondo moves which left a section of Kenyans unimpressed.

Hitting out at those who criticized her stunts, Jane has stated that she is watching everyone and monitoring the hate comments.

She further pointed out that nobody is congratulating her for making it in a male-dominated job rather people are focused on hating.


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“While the world is congratulating me for winning in a male-dominated job, I saw some cheap desperate bloggers vomiting hatred looking for cheap publicity,” she said in a statement.

She added, “Am slowly monitoring the comments… Idles, haters who have never appeared on the local radio station or their village limelight.

They cannot show us what they have done in their village struggling to put food on the table yet jealous souls.”

Mugo came into the limelight in 2019 where she was caught up in a scandal, was arrested and later claimed her life was in danger.

Ever since she has been on and off the public scrutiny for one reason or the other.

Yesterday, she trended for the better part of the day when she introduced her squad who according to her had to undergo “rigorous” training to help in the line of duty.

She claimed she is one of the best detectives in the world and her prowess was celebrated worldwide.

Kenyans were flabbergasted by the piece, and by noon, hilarious snippets including Mugo’s Tae Kwondo maneuvers were making rounds on social media.

Here are some of the reactions from Twitter:


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