Confusion As Muslim Students At Wesley Gilrs School Are Prevented From Fasting

The headmistress of Wesley Girls Senior has ordered the implementation of a bigoted law against Muslim students who fast during Ramadan.

Students who fast during Ramadan will be suspended or expelled from classes, according to the new policy.

According to Mynewsgh, the provision promises to be “in the best interests of the school’s students.”

Fasting Muslim students will be referred to the school’s disciplinary committee. They could face penalties ranging from suspensions to expulsion from school.

The reasoning behind this discriminatory and bigoted law has yet to be revealed.

According to sources, Wesley Girls has recently been abusive to Muslim students. Muslim students are not permitted to wear hijab at school and are not permitted to pray as they wish.

The school’s headmistress seems to harbor a deep disdain for the Muslim faith and is able to go to some length to show it.

Muslim students, as Christian students, have the right to worship their God. But, at Wesley Girls, Muslim students have been demoted to second class!b


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