Wema Sepetu’s Sweet Response To Diamond’s Instagram Photo Has Confused Fans

Wema Sepetu’s sweet response to Diamond’s Instagram photo has left fans confused.

Naseeb Dangote popularly known as Diamond Platnumz wowed many after his post dedicated to the 8 important women in his life!

The singer and WCB CEO happened to mention Wema Sepetu in his list; something that has left many talking. Although we understand that Wema played an important role in Diamond Platnumz life; fans could not sit still with excitement as others speculated that the two have been together on low!

Has Diamond moved on?

However, we cannot confirm this since Diamond Platnumz moved on immediately with Tanasha Donna after leaving Hamisa Mobetto.

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But also we cannot forget that the Wasafi singer has been known to cheat on his women every time he is in a serious relationship.

Wema Sepetu responds

Seeing how Diamond Platnumz appreciated her on his post, Wema also decided to drop a thank you comment; but how she phrased it is the reason why many are now taking.

The former miss Tanzania 2006 went on to tell Diamond Platnumz that he had a special place in her heart.

She wrote;

U always have a special place in my heart….and you know it….

Nasty break up

This comes years after their breakup that made headlines for months! Diamond Platnumz moved on with Zari before he had called off his relationship with Sepetunga!

The breakup led to the two insulting each other on social media and like always, Platnumz family members were close by to back him up!

Difference with all these other women is that Wema doesn’t have any kids with Diamond so does she really feel the pain that they go through?

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