You Are Bleeding And We Are Trending – Ghanaian ₲ΛYs In Germany Mock Critics (Video)

A group of gays in Germany gathered in a video and mocked Ghanaians for their bigoted attitudes against their kind.

The gays were heard claiming Germany has been their refuge since Ghanaians rejected them over their sexual orientation amidst threats and animosity, led by the infamous homosexual Phil Collins, who prides himself as the President of all homosexuals in Ghana.

They further stated that they are trending while Ghanaians in their native country are hurting.

This is on the back of the proposed bill which has been taken to parliament by Ghanaian lawmakers in a bid to criminalize the activities of LGBTQ+ in Ghana and punish displays of same-sex affection and advocacy for LGBTQ rights with up to a decade in prison.

On the list of potential offenses: organizing efforts to support sexual minorities, donating to such causes and posting encouraging messages on social media.

The draft legislation has created a furor in the West African nation, where free speech is protected in the constitution and visitors from socially liberal countries drive the tourism industry.


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