Vivian Jeered At For Asking Azziad To Promote New Song For Free

Kenyan musician Vivian has been jeered at for allegedly asking TikTok star Azziad Nasenya to promote her new song for free.

Speaking during an Instagram Live interview, the hitmaker stated that she reached out to Azziad requesting her to post her latest song “Simpo Simpo” which features Stevo Simple Boy.

Unfortunately, Azziad allegedly asked for a payment, something that caught Vivian by surprise.

According to the latter, Azziad is new in the industry and it would not hurt to lend someone else a hand.

“We asked her if she can share my new song and she asked to be paid. That really surprised me. She is new in the industry,” Vivian noted.

Her words attracted backlash with most Kenyans accusing the singer of wrongfully demanding Azziad of such a favour and yet underestimating her value.

@Moran wrote: “What is wrong with Kenyans and respecting other people’s hustle, you want people to create content and promote you for free?”

Another user identified as Valerie rubbished the “new to the industry” statement.

“This ‘new to the game’ phrase is trash. Azziad go get your bag elsewhere,” Valarie advised.

Some Kenyans figured that if Vivian was able to pay for all and sundry in the song’s production, she should do the same for marketing.

Word has it that she charges Ksh100,000 per post on the various social media platforms.

That if in any case Azziad  makes up her mind and markets the said song, she should at least be paid for it.

Here are some more reactions:

Azziad promote vivian song for free

This is the second time the digital influencer has been caught up in a money-making escapade like this.

When she was just coming into the limelight after her Utawezana TikTok dance challenge, some Kenyans argued that Femi One who is the brain behind the hit owed her for steering the success of the song.

However, Femi One maintained that the song was already a hit long before Azziad’s video.



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