Video Of Free SHS Students Busily Smooching Each Other Generates Anger

A viral video which has been spotted by our outfit captures the moment two Free SHS students recorded themselves having a great time as they break for the Christmas holidays.

The young boy who is presumed to be in the company of his girlfriend were both in the classroom with their colleagues around as they showed of their wild dance moves. The young boy tried some funny moves with the intention of touching her vajayjay but he was prevented from doing so as they kept jamming to Shatta Wale’s “Miss Money” song.

The video which has since gone viral has social media share their views and guess what, some are of the view that the Free SHS is the cause of all these happening as they no longer pay fees. Others are also of the view that it has nothing to do with the Free SHS and that the serious ones are learning for their future whilst the unserious ones chose whatever they want to do.

Kindly watch the video and tell us what you think about the comment section.


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