Nkokonsa’s Wife, Victoria Lebene Mocks Him For L*cking Abena Korkor In New Video (Video)

Blogger Nkonkonsa is completely unapologetic about this humiliating experience with Abena Korkor.

He has been captured laughing heartily in the studious of Neat FM as they make fun of the incident.

Yesterday, Abena Korkor released a second video to shame blogger Nkonkonsa after he shared her apology message on live radio.

According to Korkor, she only said sorry because she feels she shouldn’t have made it public that she had oral s** with Nkonkonsa, not because she lied. However, Konkonsa tried to redeem his status with her apology although he indeed did it.

Following that, Nkonkonsa’s wife, Victoria Lebene has issued a controversial comment that’s sort of playing down the seriousness of the whole issue.

She has said ‘It’s a licking Wednesday‘.

Again, Nkonkonsa is seen on radio laughing his heart out as his wife’s message is read on live radio by Ola Michael.

It’s quite sad that none of those presenters is taking the issue serious. They all seem to be joking with it.

Watch the video below;


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