Vera Sidika To Undergo Breast Surgery Once She’s Done Having Babies

In an interactive segment on her Instagram stories, Vera revealed she will undergo another breast surgery after she is done breastfeeding her kids.

According to the new mom, she is obsessed with round lifted boobs which she hopes to maintain even after bearing children.

Socialite Vera Sidika

“Once done with having babies, I’m definitely getting myself some sexy breast lifts, round lifted boobies,” she said.

Vera Sidika continues to assert that the process does not in any way interfere with her breastfeeding and her baby’s growth can attest to it.

“She wasn’t born this chubby at all. But God is good. It’s all exclusive breastfeeding. Plus it’s super good, that explains her chubby cheeks, thighs etc. She was tiny since she came two weeks before her due date,”

“Breastfeeding has never bothered me at all, I do it with so much pride and joy,” she said.

She noted that the breast implants were placed in an empty pocket space where it does not interfere with the breast tissues.

“Doesn’t affect nothing. During breast augmentation, it’s normally placed in an empty pockets space and it doesn’t even affect or come in contact with breast tissues,” she clarified.

Previously, Sidika dismissed claims that she underwent butt enlargement surgery, clarifying that she only altered her breasts size, teeth and skin complexion.

In a Q & A session on Instagram, she explained that she’d prefer a smaller booty after delivery.

“My booty is natural. But my boobs, teeth and skin complexion are fake. In fact, hopefully after delivery, I’d want a smaller booty. Honestly, it’s too big. I don’t like it,” Vera said.


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