Valentines Day Is Evil And Demonic – Prince David Osei

Two days after the world celebrated Valentine’s Day, there are still debates on whether it should be celebrated or not.

Over the years, there have been debates on the celebration of Valentine’s Day with one school of thought claiming it is demonic and other school of thought claiming it isn’t.

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Prince David Osei has also waded into the debate.

The actor believes it’s wrong for a specific day to be set aside by someone for him to show people his affection or love that day.

Prince pointed that he is not part of the Valentine celebration because the brain or rationale behind it isn’t a good one.

“I don’t believe in Valentine neither am I a fan of Valentine. I don’t think it’s right for anybody to set a day aside for me to show love to my loved ones or show affection to the people I care about. I’m not a fan of it besides the rationale behind Valentine is not a good one. It’s evil, it’s demonic. So st. Valentine’s day or whatever I am not part of it” Prince David Osei said in a video,” he stated.


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