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There are a lot of things that happen in tertiary schools. Some are routine, others are just miracles.

Here are all the University moments that were just as a result of a mothers prayers.

1. When the topic you studied on the morning of an exam comes as the compulsory question



2. When you wake up after missing a lecture only to hear the lecturer did not show up

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3. When you return from lectures hungry only to realise your non-cooking roommate has rice in the cooker


4. When the lecturer repeats a past exam, the only pasco you relied on because you had no other pasco



5. When a distant relative visits unexpectedly at your really broke moment


6. When the lecturer decides to dash free marks for attendance on the only day you attend his class

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7. When the test you are not prepared for is postponed


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8. When the lecturer forgets to collect the assignment you absolutely forgot to do


9. When the lady you’ve had a crush on since year one comes to you for special tutorials

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10. When the guy you’ve been eying finally notices you in class and asks you to join his study group

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