‘Under 25 Ladies Are A No Go Zone’ Benjamin Zulu’s Advice On Why Men Should Avoid University Girls

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Renowned life coach and psychologist Benjamin Zulu has come out to advice men on why they should not deal with ladies who are below the age of 25.

In an interview, the psychologist says that ladies below the age of 25 have not matured yet and get excited easily.

”And I want to warn men to leave university students alone. Don’t date University girls. They’re not yet 25 and their brain and personality solidifies at 25.

You don’t know who you’re dealing with if she’s 23. First, she’s very unstable, she gets overwhelmed easily, she gets excited easily… 24 and below, leave those girls alone…. If you love your sanity, leave those girls alone.”

Zulu also went ahead to advice women to leave men who are below 30 years.

”And I want to ask women to leave men under 30 alone.”

Zulu’s advice has ignited various reactions from netizens online. Some seem to agree with him on the age preference while some strongly disagree.

”Stop generalizing people. Everybody is different. There are couples who even wed before 20 years of age and they live in healthy marriages.

”All men under 30, you are okay to be single, tupatane men’s conference on 14th.

Very true that’s why I got married by 25 i had a boyfriend who then became my husband.”

Nevertheless, Benjamin Zulu is a family man. He is currently married and lives on the outskirts of Nairobi with his family.

I’m not sure about his advice on the age preference but I will definitely keep his words in mind.

Source: Ghafla

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