7 Types Of Punishments We Had In School We Can Never Forget

There are punishments, and there are punishments.

In African schools, punishments depended on two things: the gravity of the punishment and the way the punisher is feeling at that point.

Here are seven of the worst punishments every Nigerian kid will never forget.

1. Caning

Caning is traditional and we all know the teachers who had some magic with the cane. The ones who couldn’t flog students always sent them to that one teacher.

caning punishment omgvoice

2. Standing on the chair and raising one leg

You think this is beans until you’re up there for an hour

standing on table punishment omgvoice

3. Blackboard/Notebook Writing

Will never understand the essence of this one but boy, it wasn’t easy. Imagine being asked to fill a 60-page book with “I will not sleep in class again” or “I will not talk when my teacher is talking again.”

blackboard writing punishment | omgvoice

4. Kneeling and facing the wall

This was peculiar to teachers who couldn’t flog. Noisemakers, trouble makers in the class were used to this. Some even slept while at it.

kneeling punishment | omgvoice

5. Picking a pin

Some called it picking a pin. Others called it stooling down. Whatever you called it, it demanded a great deal of energy.

pick a pin punishment omgvoice

6. Carrying stone

This was for the extremely troublesome kids. After they were flogged and probably didn’t feel anything, the teacher would ask them to carry a stone or a chair depending on the resources available.

carrying a stone punishment omgvoice

7. Frog Jump

Imagine squatting up and down while walking to and fro a particular distance. In all of this, your hands are drawing your ear so bad. Who invented these things?

frog jump punishment


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