Two Police Officers Drove 87 Kilometres To Help Pregnant Woman Give Birth

Two police officers drove 87 kilometres to help pregnant woman give birth. 

Two South African police officers, Heidi Kroutz and Goodwill Brandt, were lauded for going above and beyond the call of duty when a woman went into labour on Wednesday, May 27, at about 1.40 am.

Warrant Officer Kroutz was on duty at SAPS Baviaanskloof, SA, when she received a call from a pregnant woman, Raymene de Villiers.

The pregnant lady called for help.

The 22-year-old pregnant lady, who lives on a farm in Baviaanskloof, was bleeding and she called for help.

Kroutz contacted the ambulance services in Willowmore but was informed that both the ambulances were out, the South African Police Service revealed on their website.

Woman got labour pains and called the community centre.

She then tried to contact the Community Service Centre and informed them to advise the family to take the woman to hospital with their private transport.

At 3:30am Kroutz was again informed that the woman was still experiencing labour pains. The ambulance service was still unavailable and Kroutz decided to act.

The cops decided to make the 87 kilometres trip.

She and Brandt, from the Community Service Centre, decided to make the 87 kilometres trip to the rural area to help the woman.

They arrived at the house and found De Villiers on the bed in pain.

She was already in advanced labour.

Kroutz examined the mommy-to-be and concluded that she was already in advanced labour.

SAPS wrote:

She knew that she must act and prepare herself to deliver the baby who was ready to enter the world not a minute later. The contractions were severe and being a mother herself, W/O Kroutz knew it’s time for delivery. As this was the woman’s first child, W/O Kroutz managed to calm the woman and guided her through every step of the delivery while at the same time encouraging her.

Just as the paramedics arrived, Kroutz managed to deliver the baby.

Kroutz cleaned and wrapped the baby and both newborn and mother were taken to the hospital.

SAPS added:

Due to a perfect delivery, they were discharged the following day.

South Africans applauded the officers for going the extra mile to help the woman.

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