Twene Jonas Warns Sarkodie “I Will End Your Career Like John Dumelo If I Start Talking About You”

Twene Jonas has warned award-winning Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie to tread cautiously on the political field else he’ll end his music career in a heartbeat.

Sarkodie was the target in a recent Facebook live video the US-based internet sensation posted on his page.

Twene Jonas made the multiple award-winning rapper his target because of the controversial tweet Sarkodie made a few weeks ago about the state of the country.


King Sark called for the wrath of many with a tweet he wrote in the heat of a national strike by the Ghana drivers association which left many Ghanaians who rely on public transport stranded.

According to Sarkodie, the system had always been this tough and people have always sailed through regardless but what he pleads from the government is an avenue to trade peacefully and put food on the table.

Many opined that Sarkodie was being economical with his words because he did not want to speak against the powers that be or lose his daily meal from his political masters.

Twene Jonas is the latest to add his voice to the woes of Sarkodie and according to him, he can end the career of the rapper if he decides to do so.

According to Twene Jonas, Sarkodie must begin to fight for the rights of Ghanaians and quit serving political masters else he’ll end his career like what he did to actor John Dumelo.

In his words, “I’m on Sarkodie. I even heard he will be having a show over here and I don’t want to destroy the program. Because if I talk about him or criticize him, no one will even attend the program and his career will end like John Dumelo. He will then establish his own political party or go into politics”


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