Gyimie! Twene Jonas Fires Abronye DC For Telling Ghanaians To Fix Themselves (Video)

Ghana’s social media space has been buzzing with a specific theme in response to recent increases in fuel prices and other tariffs.

Ghanaians began a movement with the hashtag #FixTheCountry to share their frustrations about the need for government to do their utmost to address the crisis, among other issues affecting the nation.

As the movement began, many people have expressed their opinions and the different sectors of the economy that they believe should be fixed.

However, in the words of Abronye DC and other NPP cohorts, those shouting #FixTheCountry should first #FixThemselves, quoting socialite Efia Odo to back up their case. According to Abronye DC, the NPP would not stoop so low as to allow any ashawo lady to rule for the government.

Twene Jonas has blasted Abronye DC and other NPP gurus for bullying those shouting #FixTheCountry, according to reports.

According to Twene Jonas, the whole of Accra can’t boast a dustbin, therefore, he can’t understand why Abronye DC and co. should tell Ghanaians to #FixThemselves first.


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