Trump Will Suffer From A Serious Brain Disease In 2021 – Ibrah One Prophesies

Ibrah One after making it clear that Donald Trump will still lose in court even if his wife is made judge and presides over his defeat in the November 3rd presidential elections, has in a latest post disclosed that Donald Trump will suffer from a serious disease which will affect his brain come 2021.

According to Ibrah One, Donald Trump will suffer from a serious disease that will make him deaf and dumb. He stressed on the fact that this prophecy will also come to pass since his prediction on Trump’s loss during the elections came to pass.

He also sent out a word to the the pastors asking them not to make a U-turn in on his prophecy. He also urged Ghanaians to mark this particular prophecy and save the date for futere reference.

his is what he had to say;

“Trump will suffer from a serious disease that will affect his brain next year it will also cause him deaf and dumb this will also come to pass, no pastor should come and lie later that he prophesied about that. Ghanaians should screenshot it and keep the date.#Ibrahone”

Ibrah prophecy

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