Tracy Boakye Confesses “I Need To Hurry And Marry, I’m Tired Of Fornicating”

Tracey Boakye has disclosed that the one thing that will make her life complete is to get married.

The 30-year-old actress cum businesswoman has two children, a boy, and a girl with two different men.

Tracey’s first son is also the son of popular Ghanaian footballer, Yahya Mohammed, and her daughter’s father has remained a mystery even after two years of her birth.


Also, Tracey has adopted the name ‘Hisonlychick’ which according to her was bestowed on her by her ‘mystery man’ whom she eulogizes the least chance she gets.

Tracey has always described her man as ‘highly respected and influential’ and this has led to many ‘guess games’ with some social media detectives tagging her with some politicians.

But all attempts to unravel Tracey’s unknown lover who is rumored to be the father of her second child have proven futile.

Opening up on her personal life on the ATUU show with Abeiku Santana, Tracey Boakye said getting married and ditching what she describes as fornication is currently on her mind.

“What else again do I want in this world? I have acquired all it takes to live a successful life. The only thing left is for me to get married so I can stop fornicating.”


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