Tracey Boakye Storms Church To Give Her Life To Christ Follwing Moesha’s Ordeal (Video)

Tracey Boakye has run from her Ashalley Botwe perching mansion to church as fast as one can say ABC.

Tracey is apparently in fear her lavish lifestyle would come back to bite her in the backside like it has done to Moesha.

All of a sudden, we see Tracey in church for the first time in one hundred years.

Ghanaian slay queens are running scared ever since Moesha Boduong had a mental breakdown.

The class prefect of slay queens in Ghana, Moesha for the past couple of months has taken Ghanaians through a legendary soap opera.

She first announced she had repented from her former lifestyle and given her life to Christ.

Next thing we know, Moesha was in church giving testimony and moving people in spirit.

Things took a big twist when she was spotted several weeks later walking in town like a madwoman, preaching to everyone she sees.

Moesha admitted in her preaching that she used to sell her body to men for cash to finance her mega lifestyle, but said the men steal the destinies of every lady they sleep with for cash.

She warned her former colleagues who engage in such acts to stop before they end up in trouble.

Moesha even attempted suicide on that same day and she is said to have sold everything she owns.

Rumours about what is happening to Moesha abounds, ranging from a mental breakdown to a spiritual attack.

Remember, Tracye Boakye is one of Moesha’s closest pals who lives the same life as Moesha.

Moesha getting into trouble seems to have motivated her to rekindle her love with God.

Tracey has been spotted in church for the first time in centuries.

Watch video of your favourite East Legon landlady in church below…


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