Tracey Boakye Set To Marry Her Baby Daddy As Details Drop

Actress Tracey Boakye will soon be singing hallelujah to God because she’s about to be promoted from side chick to Mrs.

The alleged baby daddy of Tracey Boakye, Dr Kwaku Oteng has revealed that he doesn’t like to keep concubines but he prefers to move them to his house and make them his wife after he has had a baby with them.

He noted that after he has given birth out of wedlock, he makes plans to marry the woman so he can take care of her and his child.

Dr Kwaku Oteng disclosed that many people have neglected children they had out of wedlock because they’re not bold enough to marry those women and be responsible for their children

Millionaire Dr Kwaku Oteng endorsed polygamous marriage in an interview with Vaultz Magazine.

According to him, there’s a blessing in marrying multiple wives and being responsible to them and their children than keeping side chicks.

Dr Kwaku Oteng noted that it’s not a sin to marry multiple wives and went on to cite biblical examples to support his stands. He made mention of Abraham, Solomon, and David for having multiple wives but still enjoyed God’s blessings.

There have been several rumours about the father of Tracey Boakye’s baby girl. Many names have been mentioned but one person who has dominated the rumours is Dr Kwaku Oteng. It’s alleged that he’s the father of Tracey’s baby girl although it’s still unconfirmed.

But in case that is really true, then Tracey Boakye stands the chance of becoming Dr Kwaku Oteng’s 6th wife.

Source: GH Base


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