This 26-Year-Old Gets Paid $6,000 Just To Watch Cartoons & Eat Doughnuts

We all wish to get paid for those perfect jobs that actually align with what we like. But sadly most of us are stuck with our 9-5 jobs that get a little too heavy for us sometimes.

However, a British man is literally getting to live a life that is a dream for many.

paid to watch simpsons

This guy named Alexander Townley from Nottingham gets paid £5,000 a year to watch every episode of  The Simpsons. That’s not it, he also gets free doughnuts along with it.

Basically, he is the real-life Homer Simpson.

The guy, who has been obsessed with the show found out through his brother a job that needed him to analyse the show’s episodes. He obviously jumped at the opportunity.

He told The Mirror,

“I’m a die-hard Simpsons fan and watching it for money is something I’ve always dreamt of. As part of my job, I am asked to critically analyse each episode and I get to stuff my face with free vegan doughnuts that they send me every week – who wouldn’t love that?”

“I’ve always found The Simpsons to be absolutely fascinating; the reason it has stood the test of time is that it’s a reflection on society and based on stereotypes! “For example, a fat American dad with a trophy wife and kids, a police officer with a pig nose and a school principal with annoyingly good posture.”

Even though the job seems like the easiest in the world, Alexander begs to differ. He literally has to take all the details of the show without skipping a beat.

He said,

“It’s not as simple as just watching a few episodes and chilling out on the sofa. “I have to sit with a notepad and pen and have to write every little detail down, even the opening credits with the chalkboard sequence and couch gag. There have even been weeks where I’ve watched up to 30 episodes in a day, several days in a row, and that really is mentally draining.”

He says that his friends can’t believe that this is his job. Many times he ropes them in to watch the show with him.

He hopes to get attention from the show’s creator to get featured on the show.


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