These Photos Of Maria’s Sexy Gardener Will Leave His Female Fans Thirsty

Photos of Maria’s sexy gardener will leave his female fans thirsty.

People’s favourite Swahili soap opera Maria has helped a lot of the actors rise the ranks in the industry after granting them a chance to unleash their God-given skills on the big screen. One lucky guy is Quincy Ando who was previously not well represented on TV but managed to pull a crowd of fans after appearing on the show.

The dark skinned hunk plays the role of Thomas, a character who initially served as a house manager at the Hausa residence before being demoted to a gardener. All this he carried out with so much grace but became slightly bitter when his workmates continuously taunted him and referred to him as a failure.

1. His character portrays a soft spoken man who not only has class and patience but also possesses a lot of grace and respect.

2. Thomas has been stepped on, abused and ridiculed during the time he has served as a gardener but that never drove him to quit or retaliate.

3. He is also the chap who was once secretly in love with one of the rich kids but could not gather the strength to blurt out his feelings.

4. He watched from the sidelines as the love of his life suffered over another man and felt unappreciated.

5. In real life, the Maria star is down to earth just like his character.

6. He also has a thing for looking good at all times and no one is complaining.

7. Anyone who loves them tall, dark and handsome obviously can stare at him for hours.

Well, isn’t he handsome?

(H/T Tuko)


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