The Kumerican Boys Can Never Take My Shine – Flowking Stone Confidently Asserts

Flowking Stone has claimed that the rise of new musicians like as Yaw Tog, Amerado, Kofi Jamar, YPee, Kwaku Flick, and others does not scare him.

“I don’t see the development of young talents like Kofi Jamar, Amerado, and Kwaku Flick as a danger to the business since fresh kids are a benefit to the industry.

On the Kastle Entertainment Show, Flowking Stone stated that he is not afraid of their presence and that the sky is large enough for everyone to soar.

He believes that the fact that a fresh generation of musicians is producing hits does not mean that his career is doomed.

“New youngsters will appear from time to time, but it’s all about embracing them and their new style or trend. The fact that these young people are hitting doesn’t imply my career will suffer, so as long as Yaw Tog and his teammates keep hitting, I’ll be happy,” he said.


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