We All Want A Baby Daddy Like Terrence Creative! Milly Chebet Appreciates Terrence

We all want a baby daddy like Terrence Creative! 

Milly Chebet penned an emotional post to her husband and thanked him for being an amazing father. The two have been at the front of very controversial stories where Terrence admitted to cheating on his wife but Milly has never really said anything about it. Although beyond the cheating scandal and drama, Terrence is one very important thing and that is a good father. Milly chose to focus on his positives as their daughter turned one where she mentioned that he has always been by their side through thick and thin.

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This is what she wrote on Instagram:

To my partner, father of my kids @terencecreative meeennn you’ve been there for me and our baby @millanetai , today i wanna focus on the good man you have been , i wouldn’t have done it alone,in this photo its him and Milla at Gertrudes after surgery as she recovered.

Though some of their fans still seem to believe that the two might just be faking it to make it, it seems the two have everything worked out and are indeed a happy family. Though Terrence’s cheating scandal keeps reappearing, they seem to have healed from the unfortunate event and are actually growing together.

They clearly have been through a lot as a family as Chebet recalls in her post.

During delivery we checked in together, you slept on the couch for a whole week we were in hospital. You never even left to buy credit as in ulikuwa na mimi hossy through out you dnt leave my sight; you helped find solutions to my postpaturm, did everything you could to make me feel better. Then, same thing happened during millas surgery for two weeks we stayed in that small ward waiting on God to heal milla fully.  You’ve been a present father despite the fact that you grew up in a children home as in you ddnt have a father hence ddnt really have script on fatherhood. You change diaper , bath her, feed her in the wee hours of the night without questioning, thank you being a present dad to Mwihaki, i celebrate you as #Millaturns1it would be selfish if i said i did it alone.

There are many things a man can be but when he’s a good father a woman seems to have a lot more room to forgive him, what do you guys think?

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