Tekno is currently on his tour called #TheLionKingTour

And he made a stop in Nairobi where he had a concert at the Ngong Racecourse on Saturday, 9th September

#something like ______ Thank you @juma777999 for such a good show! 🙏🏽📽📽

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And going by reports on social media, it was a disaster.

According to the Kenyans,

We thought he would electrify the audience but many left disappointed. Apparently, the Nigerian superstar only performed for 30 minutes and to add salt to wounds, the sound was also bad. A lot of people who didn’t go, or rather, those who couldn’t afford to go were busy celebrating. The rest were ranting.


And here’s what Kenyans on Twitter are saying about his concert

1. Apparently, this was where the whole problem started


2. Had to drag in Mr Eazi


3. Shet!



5. The number of ‘i’s in this tweet would tell you how bad it was


6. Shit, crap. What next?


7. Crying


8. #SayNoToLipSyncing


9. Yo


10. Love the word play here.


11. Kenyans are angry oh


12. Can’t breathe


13. Screaming



15. Jesus


Nigerian artistes need to do a lot better, please.