They Just Summoned Me To Take Selfies – Teacher Kwadwo Brags As He Narrates What Happened

Internet sensation cum content creator, Teacher Kwadwo born Micheal Owusu has opened up on what happened when he met the disciplinary committee of Ghana Education Service.

The content creator cum professional teacher was summoned by the Ghana Education Service (GES) to face the disciplinary committee over professional misconduct after he lamented about the things teachers are facing in the country.

He singlehandedly led the course of #FixGES on social media which he called on the authorities in charge of the education sector to fix the weak system of education in the country to make things flexible for both students and teachers with an emphasis on those in the rural areas.

This agenda attracted several eyes after utilizing all the resources he has as a social media freak and a content creator to campaigned which he was summoned yesterday.

In a video that went viral on the internet, Teacher Kwadwo was spotted wearing a traditional warlord costume on his way to meet the committee.

In his latest social media post, he has disclosed what actually went on when he met them stating they only summoned him to take selfies since they weren’t able to address any issue with regards to why he was summoned.

He wrote,

“The tin if u look inside well,they just summoned me so they could take SELFIE with me ooo..but ahantan nti.They were looking at my face saaa..I know in their heads they were like …. “woooow we have seen Teacher Kwadwo”

Teacher Kwadwo post


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