Most Of My Students Wore No Masks Today – Teacher Kwadwo Sadly Reveals

Ghanaian comedian, Micheal Owusu Afriyie popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo has revealed that about 90% of the Pupils who came to school today.

School were reopened today per the Presidents Instructions during his 21st State of the Nation address. He revealed that the government have taken certain measures which will ensure that the kids are safe in school including the provision of Nose masks and Hand Sanitizers.

Teacher Kwadwo on his social media handle revealed that he questioned why the nose masks have not been provided but he got no answers. A lot of Parents are not happy with the reopening of the schools after the President revealed that rise in the number of Active cases of the Virus.

Teacher Kwadwo on Facebook wrote:

99% of the pupils in my school had NO Nose Mask today.They all played together as usual.????I asked why they are not wearing Nose Masks and I was told,they have not been provided.I asked again..”When are they gonna be provided?”Answer: NO IDEA.If I should stay home tomorrow and play my PS5 a,mayɛ bɔne? ????????‍♀

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