Tanasha Talks About Who Her Sponsor Is And Why She’s Rich

After breaking up with Diamond Platnumz, Kenyan singer Tanasha Donna has lately become a motivational speaker empowering women!

According to fans on social media, Ms Tanasha Donna discovered her new talent after breaking up with Diamond Platnumz just a few weeks ago.

So far she has been spreading positive messages through her Instagram page; something Tanzanians on social media claim is fake.

Why Tanasha is pissed off.

As seen on her posts, Tanasha seems pissed off by people claiming that she gained her fame after dating Diamond Platnumz. Well, this could be true since she was only known by Kenyans for being a presenter at NRG radio – but now she is not only known in East Africa but Africa as a whole.

Sponsors helping Tanasha make Boss moves.

After leaving Tz, Tanasha allegedly walked out with everything she bought with her money; leaving behind the gifts and of course the V8 gifted to her by Diamond Platnumz.

Rumor had it that she was back to starting from scratch only for Mama Naseeb to purchase a new home weeks later. It is not clear where she has been getting the money to support her lifestyle but truth is – Tanasha Donna ain’t broke!

Through her Instagram page Tanasha brushed off rumors claiming that a sponsor bought her the new home in Runda. She went on to post saying:


Ain’t it sad how women can’t accomplish something big on her own with Hard work, dedication, brand positioning with the help of a good team without the media associating your success to other men. Woman buys a car or a house or opens a business. Public perception… oh must be dating a sponsor/rich guy. Why can’t it be she must have landed herself a good deal that got her a bag. We live in the 21st Century? Sexism still exists? Sad! Sad! world”

Who is her sponsor?

In another post Tanasha revealed that God was the only sponsor in her life as she posted saying;


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