Tanasha Receives An Earful For Showing Too Much Skin During Ramadhan

Tanasha is receiving an earful for showing to much skin during ramadhan.

For Muslim faithful across the globe, the month of Ramadhan is treated as holy and each one of them is given a fresh slate to get right with God through humility, prayer and modesty.

Worshippers from the faith often honour the month by fasting, being in touch with God and covering their bodies in loose, respectable clothing.

Tanasha left many tongue-tied.


When netizens spotted musician and former radio presenter Tanasha Donna aka Aisha in risque clothing, they were tongue-tied.

To them, they expected the newly converted Muslim to step out in attire that pleased the Lord by covering her hair and body at least for a month.

Her Instagram fans were surprised.

Scrolling through her Instagram photos, social media users were shocked to see the mother of one clad in tiny crop tops and revealing skirts that showed off acres of skin.


They even wondered why the single mum was never in a hijab and rarely participated in fasting with her fellow believers.

As soon as their eyes met Tanasha’s daring photos they jumped into judgement mode and told her to choose a side.

The lot thought the 24-year-old was trying to sit on the fence and have the best of both worlds.

To them, Diamond Platnumz’s ex was insulting their faith and needed to be cautious going forward.

Serious judgment.

That seemed not to bother the mother of one as all she wanted was to live her best life free of unnecessary judgement from people who did worse things than being uncovered.

She even changed her name to Aisha and started reading the Quran.

Diamond’s sister Esma Platnumz said the decision was fully Tanasha and no one forced her to switch religions. The single mum confirmed all this when she joined TV presenter Jamal Gaddafi at his home to break the fast with his family.

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