Tanasha Donna Defends Her Bedroom Skills Says She’s Not Lazy In Bed

Tanasha Donna is defending her bedroom skills says she’s not lazy in bed.

Tanasha Donna has decided not to sit with her arms folded as Diamond Platnumz’s pack of friends insult her and taint her name.

The single mother was furious after her ex lover’s best friend Juma Lokole described her as a slay queen who was lazy in bed.

She asked the mouthy character try and confirm by trying her:

In an Instagram post she posted and deleted, the Gere singer termed the allegations as untrue and wondered why Lokole was being a busy body.

She even asked why the “mouthy” character did not try to bed her to confirm if indeed she was an unskilled lover.

Doesn’t last long in bed?

Tanasha hinted Diamond’s bestie was not in a position to judge her because he did not look like the type who could last for long between the sheets.

She even challenged him to prove he is a stallion instead of destroying her reputation during interviews.

She bellowed:

Lazy? But why don’t you try me to confirm if it is true? How many seconds will you last though?

The 24-year-old mother of one hit back saying Lokole does not swing for the women’s team and can therefore not pitch in on such matters.

To her, the vocal gossiper was just an empty vessel that could not help but make a lot of noise.

Tanasha said:

Oh wait, I forgot you do not do women so I guess you will never know. But hey, you know what they say: empty vessels make a lot of noise.

Her ex’s friend previously said she acted like a slay queen and did not want to please her man like a true girlfriend.

Lokole claimed Diamond was ready to marry Tanasha but she was not willing to whine her waist in the sack.

To him, marriage is not about love and only needs to be maintained by a healthy, happy bedroom life.

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