Afghanistan: Taliban Bans Women From Appearing In Movies And TV Dramas

The Taliban has banned Afghan women from appearing in television dramas.

The militant group’s takeover of Afghanistan earlier this year immediately sparked fears for the wellbeing of women. Despite spokesmen seemingly allaying the concerns of commentators worldwide, many concerns have been justified, with women told to stay home and promises to have them working and studying yet to be realised.

taliban bans women

Under new rules imposed by the Taliban government, dubbed ‘religious guidelines’, women are no longer allowed to star in TV dramas, despite channels showing foreign films that have a majority of female stars.

As per DW, these rules are the first of their kind in the country, coming from the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. The list features eight recommendations in total.

As well as Afghanistan’s television networks being asked not to broadcast soap operas and other programmes that feature female actors, films and shows that violate Afghan or Islamic values have also been banned, including depictions of the Prophet Muhammad and other figures. Foreign films that promote cultural values from other countries should also not be broadcast.

Female journalists and presenters have also been instructed to wear headscarves on screen, but the rules haven’t set out exactly which covering they should use, so it could be subject to interpretation. Another also states, ‘It is forbidden to broadcast comedy programs in which people gets humiliated.’


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