Struggling video vixen Akinyi ‘living large’ weeks after sharing emotional video begging for rent (Video)

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Socialite Eptysum Akinyi may be popular among video vixens and of course the hungry team mafisi that follows her on social media; and judging from what she shares on her page, I don’t blame the fellas for lusting.

Anyway, about two weeks ago Akinyi went on to share an emotional post where she begged her followers to come through as was drowning in debts.

According to the lass, she needed to clear her rent which had left her in a desperate position hence the ‘begging’ video.

Well, there are those who contributed before controversial artist Ringtone stepped in; but looking at the comment section, most fans asked Akinyi to sell her booty for rent – however no hard feelings, these streets are not for the weak at heart.


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Fans now feel that she may be misusing the money she asked for her rent; by getting tattoos in her private areas as seen on a video shared on her page.


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Although this sounds more of a publicizing job for the tattoo parlor, her fans feel betrayed or rather duped into thinking she was struggling.

One fan wrote;

“Huyu anapewa pesa ya rent anakimbia kueka tattoo”

While another went on to write;

“Remebesha gate kama boma iko sawa”

And another…

“Pesa kidogo….”

But since the money is already hers; can’t a sister do what she wants?

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