Stivo Simple Boy Accused Of Creating Twitter Account That’s Been Making Fun Of Celebrities

Stivo Simple boy has been accused of creating a twitter account that’s been making fun of celebrities.

Popular Vijana Tuache Mihadarati singer Stivo Simpleboy is an angry man after learning someone has been impersonating him on the internet.

The 22-year-old musician said he is not behind the famous Twitter account bearing his name and photo.

Pseudo account. 

The artiste addressed the issue through an Instagram video and said he discovered the pseudo account just recently.

Apparently, the person behind it destroyed his image by throwing disrespectful and racy comments at celebrities, leaders and other tweeps.

He said:

The person behind that account loves insulting leaders, celebrities and other Twitter users. If you know you are behind that account, please stop doing that. I am coming after you.

He said he doesn’t have a Twitter account.

Stivo further said he does not own a Twitter profile at the moment so he could not be the person lashing out on others via the social media account.

The Tuheshimu Ndoa musician assured his fans he would let them know when he joined the interactive platform in the future.

He said he’s only on Facebook and Instagram.

Right now, I am only active on Facebook and Instagram and I will let you know when I join Twitter.

Most of the artiste’s fans were shocked to find out they had been addressing a wannabe and promised to help report the account. The account goes against everything the singer believes in and often paints him as a don’t-care and rude individual.

(H/T Kenyan News)


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