Stivo Simple Boy Says He Gave Parents First Big Cheque To Drill Borehole

Rapper Stivo Simple Boy has revealed how he spent his first big money, stating that he gave the cheque to his parents so they could drill a borehole.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o, Simple Boy revealed that water was a big problem at his rural home. It was what motivated him to change the water situation back home with the money.

“You know in the rural areas, there’s a big water problem.So I gave my parents the money for them to drill a borehole. Now they are okay,” he said.

According to him, he earned his first fat envelope, a sum of Ksh50,000 after performing on Freshers’ Night event at Kenyatta University.

Before fame came knocking at his door, Stivo was working as a casual labourer at construction sites.

He also disclosed that he also worked as a security guard.

“After working in construction that is when God decided to shine His light on me. In 2019 when I went for an interview on the Chipukeezy Show, I finally blew,” Simple Boy said.

Apparently, when his music career was just getting started, his parents were against the idea but now they are fully on board.

During the interview, he said that his highest level of education is primary.

Growing up in Kibera, he had a limited access to resources and could not afford secondary education.

However, he said he has made a commitment to progress in the future.

The young rapper revealed that his successful dental transformation, ladies won’t leave him alone.

He has had braces on for eight months since November 2019.

However, he is careful not to ruin his morals while waiting for “Simple Girl”.

The musician is known for his first hit, Mihadarati and another one of his songs derived from his famous slogan “Inauma But Itabidi Uzoee.”


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