Ebony’s Dad Starboy Kwarteng Spotted Grinding Curvy Girl In Nightclub

The yuletide is here with us again and already, the father of the late dancehall sensation, Ebony Reigns has started the festive period on a very great note.

In a video that is getting a lot of attention online, Mr. Kwarteng, who is widely known in the showbiz circles as Starboy Kwarteng of Kwabony Records has been spotted seriously dancing with a heavy back-sized lady in a tight jeans at a night club.

Starboy and the beautiful young ladies were filmed dancing to Bless’ popular highlife song “Choco mo cho” — maybe the song connotes something more, LOL.

It is pretty obvious that Starboy has opened the floodgates for the festive occasions with the video below. Check it out


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