Size 8 Advises Tells People Where To Go If They Want To Unlock Their Dry Spell

Size 8 has told people where to go if they want to finish their dry spell.

Linet Masiro Munyali, who is professionally known as Size 8, is a Kenyan singer, songwriter and actress. Her husband DJ Mo, their children and herself embarked on a road trip to Maiyan in Nanyuki.
A few minutes ago, the couple advised people all those who are experiencing a dry spell to take their couples to Maiyan.

But one of her fans was not intrigued. 

A fan asked her if she has to bring Jesus to dry spell and she said Jesus is the one to finish this ‘devil’.

Also, she says it is very important to unlock it.


Additionally, the couples are clearly having fun and maybe it is because they have ‘unlocked’ their dry spell.

Some Christians felt as if the two were promoting sex before marriage because they didn’t explicitly state that it’s for married people only, but hey, what’s the big deal right?


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