Size 8 Speaks Out About How She Deals With Trolls In Her Marriage

Size 8 has opened up about losing her unborn baby and how it impacted her marriage disc jockey Sammy Muraya aka DJ Mo.

Size 8 explained that she with her husband have over their marriage life faced numerous challenges but losing their pregnancy hit them hard.

Size 8 Speaks Out About She Deals With Trolls In Her Marriage

“Trolls have never shaken our marriage. The only time was when we lost our pregnancy. That shook my faith to the extent that I became selfish since I expected my husband to be there for me, yet he was also grieving,” she said.

“Rumours were in many blogs that I was pregnant but I never did really confirm it because it was a battle all the way so I just wanted to go with the fight privately. But God decided the best lane for me and I lost the pregnancy juzi. To be honest I’ve cried and asked God so many questions. I have given my husband stress. He is trying to make me be okay,” narrated Size 8.

The singer added that the episode took a toll on her and tested her faith immensely.

“My faith in God has been greatly tested… but what the Holy Spirit reminds me is this ‘Linet trust in the faithfulness of God trust in His perfect love for you. He knows what’s best for you Linet’”, she wrote.

A point underscored by her husband, Dj Mo, who in 2019 pointed out that the strong love they have for each other enabled them to carry on.

“If you love each other, that is a small thing. All you need is to encourage each other and it passes,” he said.

He added that Size 8 was five weeks into her pregnancy when she lost the baby and found it hard to exactly tell what had led to the miscarriage.

“Miscarriage can be caused by so many things, like stress. Others may fail to adjust with the body, but we are doing well,” Mo said.

In November that year, the couple welcomed their second born baby – Muraya Junior. Terming the delivery a miracle, Size 8 in an emotional video posted on their YouTube channel narrated that she suffered serious complications that nearly cost her life and that of the baby as she clocked her last trimester.

“For me, getting here is a miracle. I almost died several times because of this pregnancy. It does not matter whether you have Sh10 million or Sh1 million; if you do not have life, you cannot enjoy what you have.”


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