Sister Derby On Dating Medikal “We Were In A Happy Relationship Until You Know Who Stepped In”

Sister Derby is still harboring some form of resentment for actress Fella Makafui for destroying her relationship with rapper Medikal.

The African Mermaid and Medikal were a power couple but Fella pulled out her head and the next thing we noticed was a wedding between the actress and the rapper instead of Sister Derby.

In a recent interview with Nkonkonsa, Sister Derby opened up about her relationship with Medikal, the plans they had and how Fella Makafui destroyed their sweet and happy union.

Derby and Medikal

Sister Derby explained why she referred to Medikal as a sweet ex in her controversial birthday wish to the rapper last year.

She echoed that she didn’t say anything bad but was just pouring out her feelings because she was in a sweet and happy relationship before someone (Fella Makafui) stepped in.

She said:

” I didn’t say anything bad, just my sweet ex because at the end of the day, our relationship was a sweet and happy one till whoever stepped in.”

When asked why she proceeded to record a song titled sweet ex, Sister Derby said she wanted to make Fella Makafui understand that she was no longer interested in Medikal.

Derby also said it was she that left the relationship and not the other way round but decided to wish Medikal a happy birthday because they once shared a public relationship together.

She said:

“If I wish someone a happy birthday that doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on. If I hadn’t moved on, I wouldn’t have dropped “KAKALIKA LOVE”. I have dated and moved on because, at the end of the day, I left the relationship.”


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