I Will Not Support The #FixTheCountry Movement – Sista Afia Boldly Asserts

Sista Afia, a Ghanaian musician, has stated that she would not support the #FixTheCountry movement until she has received adequate clarification.

The hashtag #FixTheCountry has been trending on social media in recent months, with Ghanaians advocating for better government.

While some celebrities have joined and given their voices to what many have regarded as a noble cause, others remain on the fence, despite the country’s rising turmoil.

Sista Afia is one of those people, and she says she hasn’t decided whether or not to support the campaign since she hasn’t gotten the necessary clarity.

Replying to Giovanni Caleb’s question on the Showbiz Show on TV3 tonight, Sista Afia said she is torn between the #FixTheCountry mantra and the #FixYourself mantra. She reiterated that until the campaign is made clear and the objective are made understandable, she is not going to throw her weight behind it.

“I am not going to say I support #FixTheCountry. I am seeking clarity before I will publicly support it or not. Right now, I am torn between #FixTheCountry and #FixYourself,” she said.


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