Singer Akothee Shows Her Dad Off On Social Media

Akothee shows her dad on social media and they look alike. 

Akothee rarely talks about her parents but every once in a while she dishes out information about her past that leaves us perplexed. The singer praised her father for being there for her and thanked him for the lessons he taught her such as hustling and and said that she doesn’t feel the need of finding inspiration from anyone’s father apart from her own.

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Here’s what she said: 

The gift you gave me has taken me places , thank you for being my role model , I don’t look up to anyones father , you are my everything, and that’s why I keep, I try to keep relationships with my baby daddies ,so that my children don’t look upto other people’s fathers as their role model, As a mother , I will always make sure I swallow my pain and allow my children enjoy their fathers ( sometimes they crush me, they thwart me ,make me fry dozens of onions????????????) but you know what , ,they won’t kill me ????.

The singer has mentioned before that her dad was polygamous which made it hard for her mother as well. Her father’s health has been deteriorating but she added that the fact that he made it to 2020 is an actual miracle.

She concluded by saying:

My mothers never knew one way to the supermarket, you invested well in your children. From education to upbringing, we were all equal ,dispite you being a polygamous man. I will always climb mountains to see you happy , I dint know you could step into 2020 due to your health; but now see how strong you are AJOS TINGA . I WILL ALWAYS MAKE SURE YOU ARE WELL TAKEN CARE OF JOSY @joshuaowinokokeyo

It’s interesting that she said her relationship with her father has inspired her to keep her relationships with her baby daddies.

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