Shugatiti Finally Admits “I Work As A Prostitute For A Living”

Popular Ghanaians nudist, actress, and socialite, Shugatiti has confirmed viral rumors that she trades her body for cash in her most recent tweet.

Her outlook and behavior on social media have always been under criticism but today, Shugatiti put to rest the rumors by stating that she’s a prostitute.

ShugatitI OMG

She shamelessly stated that she does that as a full-time profession as a means to survive the tough economic crisis in the country.

Her tone proved that her conscience does not judge her for the things she does to survive neither does her family.

Meanwhile, she has also announced via her social media pages the opening of her restaurant on Saturday 6th August 2020.

Shugatiti showed off the beautiful interior of the new restaurant located in Osu and revealed that it will be called the ‘Pot of Shuga’.


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