Shugatiti “I Have No Regrets Should My Children See My Naked Photos Online”

Ghanaian nudist and socialite, Shugatiti, has admitted that she will gladly strip naked should she be offered $30,000.

shugatiti model

Speaking with YouTuber, Fire Lady, the nudist also noted that she won’t regret it should her children grow up to see her naked pictures all over the internet.

“I will take $30,000 to shoot nudes. I will gladly do it,” she said while adding that “I won’t regret it if my kids grow up and see my nudes on the internet.”

After making this statement, Shugatiti revealed she is in a relationship with a man whose family is aware of their union.

“One day, I will settle down. I am dating. His family are aware of my presence in their son’s life,” she added.

Talking about her life as a nudist, she noted that many Ghanaians pretend not to like her job but find some naked Hollywood stars pleasant to watch.

“They do agree with it and just hate the fact that I am the one doing it but they will go to Nicki Minaj’s page to comment on her posts, ‘Oh beautiful, oh nice’ and then to Cardi B’s page to comment the same thing.

“But you being black is a turn-off for them. They will say things like, ‘why would you do that.’ We are humans. I just think they are hypocrites. They like it but they hate to admit that they do,” she expressed.


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