Shatta Wale Angrily Replies Twene Jonas For Insulting Him & Threatens Him (Video)

If we would recall, Ghanaian Dancehall artist Shatta Wale recently made the headlines for the wrong reasons after he allegedly sent some boys to beat up a road contractor.

According to reports, the 1 Gad hitmaker allegedly paid the road contractor 4 million GHS to get the road done before he went on his trip to the United States.

However, Shatta Wale returned to the country only to see that the road had still not been completed. Infuriated by the situation his caused commotion at the road construction site.

Following this Ghanaian social media sensantion, Twene Jonas who is based in the United States lambasted him for his actions. He questioned why Shatta Wale had not been arrested for assaulting a road contractor and insulted him as usual.

In response to this Shatta Wale has also issued a threat to Twene Jonas

in response to Twene Jonas Shatta  wrote:

“You think you talk sense aaama..Go ask your village friends who started this on social media … I buried dem alive on this same place you are today… Don’t f**k with Shatta cuz I am the only person to get you dead on social media!!”

“Some fools think you have a life but all you do there can’t get you back home cuz you frustrated so, soso gyimii nkoaaaaa. Twene Jonas your mother. In fact your father….”

He added: “Let me teach you how to use social media (SM) to make sense … village dust enter your brain abi.”







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