Even The Girls The SM Militants Sleep With, I Pay Them – Shatta Wale

Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jnr popular known as Shatta Wale in his angry outburst on Hitz FM revealed the extent to which he catered for the SM Militants.

According to the self-proclaimed dancehall king, the SM Militants were fully dependent on him from giving them money to maintain themselves to the women they sleep with.

Shatta Was responding to the recent disbandment of the Militants on Daybreak Hitz with Andy Dosty when he made the allegations.

Shatta claims to have bought a car and given maintenance money to Joint 77 a former SM Militant.

Joint agreed that Shatta did buy him a car but disputed the maintenance money provoking him to reveal other things.

Shatta asked Joint is he had ever paid any of the women he gave him to sleep with, which he replied no. Joint 77 in his defence said he wasn’t aware he had to pay the girls for their service.

The current feud between Shatta Wale and the SM Militant seems to be getting out of hand. It started out as a disrespect by the SM Militant according to Shatta something that could have been resolved easily. Unfortunately, it seems more fuel is poured on the flame every time the matter is discussed on any platform.

Listening to the full interview, one is saddened by the way Shatta and Joint 77 were going back and forth with Shatta coming across as a bully. Joint 77 for his part also comes across as one who refuses to let one talk. His inability to listen and the constant interruptions every time Shatta started to make a point was not only annoying but proved Shatta’s point of him being stubborn.

Whatever the case maybe, Joint 77 has a lot to lose from this situation and it is in his best interest to shut up and let Shatta continue his rants.

(H/T Ghanacelebrities)


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