Shatta Wale Cries After Trotro Driver Shunned Work Just To See Him (Video)

As we all know, Ghanaian Dancehall King, Shatta Wale is one of the most admired and most influential celebrities in Ghana.

On countless occasions, his fans have gone all lengths just to catch a glimpse of him.

In a recent development, a die hard fan of the Dancehall star has caused him to cry after parking his commercial bus at Kokomlemle just to catch a glimpse of him at Hitz FM on Friday.

The driver refused to mention his name and was even denied access when he tried to invade Hitz FM’s studio to meet his idol.

What is even more interesting about this whole situation is the fact that the driver refunded the money of all his passengers so that he could see Shatta Wale.

After he was given access to meet Shatta Wale, the driver took off his shirt and revealed a attoo of Shatta Wale on his body to the panelists and host Andy Dosty.

Shatta Wale was very emotional upon seeing him and started crying uncontrollably.


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